Pointless Topology?

Show notes

In this episode, Cerene Rathilal talks about the differences between general and pointfree topology, giving back to the community and why she is excited to return for this year’s 9th HLF. Cerene is a mathematician at the University of Johannesburg’s Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in South Africa. She attended the 6th HLF in 2018 and will be participating again in 2022.

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum has a single purpose: To provide some of the brightest minds in mathematics and computer science with the space and time to make connections and find inspiration. The HLFF Spotlight series shines a light on some of the brilliant young researchers attending the event.

Interview: Roberta Fulci

Production: Roberta Fulci, Elna Schütz

HLF Homepage: heidelberg-laureate-forum.org

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Samba Jallow

Great interview, she has so much ambition to giving back to her community 👏

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